Whether your business was partially or fully closed, or completely open during this year, you might be considering a professional cleaning service for the first time. Choosing the right commercial cleaner is a sure-fire way to make sure your commercial space is safe, productive, and reflects the right image to your clients or partners.

Before you decide on a professional cleaning service, ask these questions.

1. Do you offer all the cleaning services I need?

Depending on the function of your business, you may need regular janitorial services, window cleaning, machinery cleaning and maintenance, or high-pressure cleaning. If your cleaning service doesn’t offer all the services you need, you should consider looking elsewhere. You want to avoid having to contract more than one cleaning service to complete all the tasks you need. You see the cleaning services we offer here.

2. What kind of cleaning products and equipment do you use?

This is a good introductory question to make sure that the person you’re speaking with is well trained and familiar with the day-to-day processes of the cleaning business. If sustainability is important to you and your business, this will also be an important consideration.

3. Do you clean and night or on weekends?

A good cleaning service will work around your business’s schedule to make sure your commercial, office or industrial spaces are clean, without impacting your operations. This may mean your cleaners will need to work nights and weekends. Ensuring your cleaning company is flexible enough to work around you is crucial to choosing the right cleaning company.

4. Will your employees clean my commercial property, or do you use sub-contractors?

We have blogged before about our commitment to never use contractors. When company employees are providing services directly, they are trained to provide better services and enjoy better work/life conditions. If you want the same team of highly -trained cleaning professionals maintaining your commercial property, you should ask if the cleaning company uses sub-contractors.

5. Do you have experience with other businesses in my industry?

A good cleaning company should have experience cleaning and maintaining properties like yours. This is particularly important if your business uses expensive and delicate machinery. We provide commercial, office, and industrial cleaning services to a range of businesses throughout Sydney. Get in touch if you want to find out more about the services we provide and the expertise we have working with businesses just like yours.

6. Will I have a regular contact person?

When contracting any service for your business, it’s important to know that one contact person will be taking care of your business. If there is ever a problem or you need a change in schedule, you will want someone who is up-to-date with your business’s unique needs.

7. Will you give me a free quote?

The best cleaning service will be the one that is designed for your unique business. For a detailed and free quote, get in touch today.