How does a professional window cleaner get your office windows SO clean and sparkling?

With Sydney, greater NSW, and much of the country now under lockdown rules, offices and commercial spaces have again emptied. Workforces that can move home have done so.

And that means that many of us have moved back to our home offices for the foreseeable future. Although there are some advantages to working from home (hello- no commute!) some aspects of working at home can impact productivity and wellbeing.

Juggling home responsibilities, childcare, and work in the same space can be tough. But, keeping your home office clean and free of clutter can help. If you’ve noticed build-up on the in-and-outside of your windows, this article is for you. There are few simple tricks for cleaning your windows like a pro.

Increase your sense of calm in your home office and gaze out of sparkling clean windows with these unbeatable tricks.

Tip #1: Get the tools right

We’ll get to cleaning materials in a moment but the tools you use to clean your windows are the most important consideration. This is what you need:

A squeegee. Squeegees come in lots of different qualities. We suggest investing in a good quality one to make your job easier. Good quality squeegees usually come in three pieces: The handle, the channel, and the piece of rubber supported by the channel. The rubber can be turned over when it gets old, and then replaced when both sides have worn out.

· A mop. We mean one with a small head, not a floor mop. You can buy one with a long handle from any hardware store.

· A bucket that is wide enough to comfortably fit a squeegee and a mop.

· A microfibre cloth or old towel. Old towels are best because a lot of the fluff and lint will have worn away.

Tip #2: Use different squeegees and cloths for indoor and outdoor to keep things hygienic. 

You want to keep things like bird excrement and other bacteria that build up on the outside of windows, outside. Switch up your tools and refill your bucket with clean water when you move inside. 

Tip #3. Standard household detergent works best.

You don’t need to buy a whole new cleaning product. Household detergent suds up, which lets you see dirtier areas that need more and need more scrubbing.

Tip #4: You can use vinegar instead.

If you’ve got the right tools and want a natural solution to window cleaning at home, vinegar is great. Vinegar (acetic acid) cuts grease and doesn’t streak which makes it ideal for cleaning glass. We recommend a solution of 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent tap water.

Finally, the method.

  1. Fill your bucket with water and your cleaning product. Lukewarm water is best. Hot water will evaporate too quickly. Sud up your windows and scrub the areas that need the most attention with your mop.
  2. Next, grab your squeegee. Start at the top left corner and snake your way down the window. Make sure to go right to the edges. With a little practice, you will be able to manage this with no watermarks left in the middle of the window.
  3. Use your old towel or cloth to wipe up any water spilled onto the windowsill and to get the water residue on the sides of the window. Use it dry to clean down on watermarks.

That’s it! Sparkling clean windows for your home office.

As we all settle in at home for the long haul, it’s important to keep your home office (and home) clean, calm, and healthy. AQWA is still working with our clients in greater Sydney who run essential commercial spaces with workforces that can’t move home. If you need a professional cleaning team to give your commercial or office space a tailor-made cleaning and maintenance plan, get in touch today.