We all know that Covid-19 changed the way society behaves on a global scale. And, although Australia managed to suppress its infection rate, businesses of all sizes still felt the pain of lockdown and an economy under stress. The commercial, office and industrial cleaning industry was no exception. We all had to adapt to big changes over the last year and a half. With the world hopefully turning a corner and we thought this was a good time to share something ourselves.

The commercial cleaning industry suffered revenue loss during Covid-19.

A new report into commercial cleaning services in Australia by market research form Ibis World puts into perspective the financial impact of Covid-19. In 2019-2020 the revenue made by the cleaning industry declined by 6.6%. This was largely a result of commercial spaces in Sydney – our clients – closing in response to the pandemic. Particularly, client facing services and those with a potentially remote workforce.

But, it’s not all bad news.

While it’s the biggest drop we’ve seen since 2008-2009, our industry fared A LOT better than some of our fellow Australian businesses. Retail, arts and events, hospitality, and tourism sectors were some of the worst hit worldwide and in Australia.

The pandemic has focussed attention on the importance of proper hygiene in the workplace.

The pandemic highlighted the weaknesses of many systems, policies, and institutions in Australia and throughout the world. The flexibility of work and staffing practices in the health industry are two areas that will probably change forever. 

We think renewed focus on cleanliness and hygiene in industrial, office, and commercial spaces is also part of the new normal.

Alongside hospitality and healthcare spaces, factories and other industrial properties became hotspots for virus spread during the first wave of the pandemic. It makes sense. Social distancing is difficult in these spaces at the best of times. On top of that, they are frequented by the same workforce each day who can easily pass infection onto their loved ones at home. Offices and other commercial spaces are vulnerable for the same reason.

As employees head back to communal office spaces, we have have learned to appreciate the importance of a clean and safe workplace. With over a decade serving clients and organisations of all sizes in Sydney and the surrounding areas, AQWA takes pride in offering dependable and professional commercial office and industrial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on our industry recognition, sustainable practices, and skilled workforce. If you would like to how we can help you maximise the hygiene and safety of your workplace, with a plan tailored to fit your needs and budget, get in touch today.