The blinds in your office can often be overlooked by your regular cleaning schedule.  Usually, that’s because blinds can be tricky, inconvenient, and time-consuming to clean. However, it’s really important that you don’t let dust and other dirt build-up over time. Long neglected blinds can be breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens. Making sure even hard-to-reach nooks of your windows and blinds remain clean will make for a safer and healthier office. And that means healthier and happier employees.

In this post, we want to cover how to clean long-neglected blinds and how to keep them in good shape. Once you have deep cleaned your blinds once, it will be easier to maintain them with a regular cleaning schedule.

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Deep Cleaning Your Office Blinds

First, let’s talk about deep cleaning office blinds that haven’t been cleaned in a while. When left to accumulate dust and dirt, your blinds might need more attention to address this build-up. After the initial deep cleaning, a regular maintenance schedule will work great to keep them looking their best.

Got dust build up? This is when that brush head attachment on your vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Using a vacuum is a great way to reach higher areas on and around your office blinds. When most of the loose dust is taken care of, use a moist rag and wipe all the slats clean.

Once your blinds are clean, a quick wipe down with a moist rag regularly will keep your blinds and windows dust-free.

How to Clean Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are very delicate and must be cleaned with care. If you are starting with a deep clean, make sure you carefully attend to both sides of the wooden slats. Also, make sure the cloth isn’t too wet because it can damage delicate wooden finishes. Wring out your cloth properly and go over the blinds with a dry cloth afterward to dry the wood quickly. Even better: use wood polish instead of water. Wood polish is safe and will leave your blinds with a nice shine. A quick vacuum with the brush head attachment is also a good way to keep your wooden blinds clean.

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