With every passing year, there are emerging trends in every industry, and the sector of commercial cleaning is no different. In a post-pandemic world, commercial cleaning has become more important than ever, as people are more aware of the positive impacts of working in a hygienic environment. Here are a number of commercial and industrial cleaning trends that you need to keep an eye out for in 2023.


We have seen how important it is for office cleaning companies to maintain a pristine working environment in a post-pandemic world, and this trend will continue throughout 2023. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic being over for most people, there is still a lingering concern with regard to how it impacts working environments.

Businesses are still under pressure to make sure their environments are safe for employees and customers, which is why industrial cleaning experts are providing greater support to kill viruses and bacteria via their office cleaning protocols.


Businesses are becoming more acutely aware of their environmental impacts, which is why sustainable cleaning methods are coming to the forefront, especially as companies that are more sustainable in their practices develop better relationships with their clients. In terms of industrial cleaning practices, using cleaning products with more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals will ensure a reduced carbon footprint, resulting in a better environment, while also saving companies money in the long run.

Many cleaning companies also use sustainable solutions beyond the cleaning products themselves, for example, investing in energy-efficient equipment for carpet cleaning or pressure washing to ensure that an office environment greatly reduces its overall electricity use. Many companies are also creating green promises so they can provide a more sustainable service to the customer.

Many commercial cleaning services are attempting to pass this on to the client, not just to benefit the environment, but to maintain a better relationship with the client themselves. These days, if a customer does not align with a business’s vision, especially in relation to sustainability or an environmentally-friendly mindset, they will go to a supplier who provides those greener industrial cleaning practices.


Organisations need to ensure their employee are well-versed in emerging trends, but also ensure that they can deliver the results where it counts. There are several core competencies cleaning staff must have to be professional and effective workers, especially when it comes to industrial practices like floor maintenance or floor restoration in larger environments like warehouses.

In addition, training should also provide a way for the employee to deliver better customer service. It is critical for cleaning staff to immerse themselves in the latest cleaning standards and compliance rules, but it’s also pivotal for a cleaner to understand how to deliver stellar customer service, ensuring they do not get in the way of the day-to-day business operations. Continuous training is critical for the skills and reputation of any commercial cleaning company.


The entirety of the industrial cleaning sector has found itself in a position where they need to deliver great service, but they also need to be ultra-competitive to deliver effective commercial cleaning services. We believe that in terms of cleaning services in Sydney, we provide an edge based on the service we deliver, but we also understand that we have to be competitive in the wider market.

Commercial cleaning companies have had no choice but to engage with sophisticated marketing solutions because of the ever-changing algorithms in Google. People who are searching for terms like “commercial cleaning Sydney” or “property services Sydney” will never venture beyond page one of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), therefore, commercial cleaning companies need to learn how to stand out through marketing practices such as email marketing, social media promotion, and local marketing strategies.

The latter is particularly important for any commercial cleaning business in the Sydney area, as they are looking to drive engagement with native audiences by providing the service, but also supplementary materials like blogs and explainer videos. Look at any cleaning company, and you will see it finds itself in the same position as the business it is working for: it must remain competitive and therefore, it must adapt to the marketing methods that guarantee ongoing success.

There are many trends in the industry going forward, and they will always evolve and innovate to meet the needs of businesses. If you are looking for professional cleaning services with an eye towards the future, get in contact with us for a free quote.