You might believe professional office cleaning is an optional extra. But it turns out that it’s essential for business. Not only does it keep people safe, but it also enhances productivity, contributing to your enterprise’s bottom line. Companies that maintain hygienic premises are more likely to thrive.

AQWA offers a range of services, including office, base building, carpet and bathroom cleaning to keep your workplace in optimal condition. Here’s how these commercial office cleaning services can maximise productivity at your firm.

Directs Employees Towards More Productive Activities

You didn’t employ your workers to clean, but if you fail to hire professional cleaners, that’s what they end up doing, taking valuable time out of their day. Consequently, they focus less on the tasks you hired them to perform and more on keeping everything clean.

AQWA cleaners change this dynamic. We clear up the mess while your employees get on with what you pay them to do.

Keep Tools And Equipment In Working Order

Dirty office equipment tends to have a shorter shelf life. It breaks down more quickly, increasing replacement costs.

Again, AQWA’s office cleaning services help to change this. Our team gets specialist training in how to clean items correctly to extend their lives.

Improves Staff Retention

Staff are considerably more likely to leave your firm if you force them to work in a dirty, dangerous environment. They will perceive your organisation as having low standards and seek opportunities elsewhere, raising recruitment costs.

Sordid premises can also make staff feel underappreciated. Employers must provide a pleasant environment for their employees. If they don’t, it can leave a negative impression. Unhappy employees are 20 per cent less productive than their more jovial counterparts.

AQWA helps you solve this problem by leaving your offices spotless. Your staff arrive every morning to clean desks, fresh smells, and empty bins.

Reduces The Risk Of Injury

Lack of office cleaning also increases the risk of injury. Items on the floor, uneven carpets, and files not put away all make tripping more likely. Office workers can seriously injure themselves, leading to absences, lawsuits, and higher insurance premiums. When key workers have to spend time away from the office to recover, it can also impact how much your enterprise gets done.

Fortunately, AQWA uses cleaning methods that reduce the risk of injury. Our team eliminates trip hazards and reduces the risk of infection.

Decreases The Number Of Employees Calling In Sick

Dirty offices increase the risk of employees calling in sick. The average office desk harbours more than 10 million bacteria, with absenteeism due to the spread of disease costing Australians approximately $7 billion a year. Employees touch contaminated surfaces and transfer germs to their face, nose, mouth, or eyes, leading to infection.

Studies show that even clean-looking offices are dirtier than many employees think. Long-term research shows that the average office has more than 4,800 dirty surfaces harbouring infection.

That’s why cleaning offices is so essential. Removing germs is paramount for cutting the risk of employees taking significant time off work.

AQWA’s team cleans surfaces most likely to lead to disease transmission. Operatives disinfect fridge doors, computer keyboards, door knobs, elevator switches, taps, microwaves, and light switches. We ensure all bacteria on frequently-touched surfaces are dead.

Reduces Time Spent Looking For Items

The time employees spend looking for items increases significantly in untidy offices. That’s because it’s hard to find anything.

Unfortunately, when staff spend all their time looking for the things they need, they do less. And that can be a substantial drag on productivity. Worse still, it makes employees feel frustrated. They start associating work with negative emotions.

With AQWA’s cleaning services, you can avoid situations like these. Our team cleans up offices every morning or evening, returning items to their original location. Workers arrive the next day and can find everything they need.

Reduced Tension And Stress

Lastly, dirty offices can increase stress. There are several reasons for this, according to Psychology Today. For instance, clutter can:

  • Inhibit creativity and productivity by preventing open spaces most people require for brainstorming
  • Make workers feel anxious by making them feel they will never get to the end of what they need to do
  • Reduce the ability to relax by making it seem like the work is never done
  • Cause frustration by making it hard for workers to find what they need
  • Create a feeling of guilt and shame
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