Many entrepreneurs and workplace managers fall into the trap of leaving their decision as something of an afterthought. However, keeping business premises clean can increase productivity, improve employee health and happiness, protect various business assets, and leave a better first impression on prospective clients.

So, if your current setup isn’t quite working, it’s important that you take action by replacing them with the quality property services Sydney businesses deserve.

This step-by-step guide to evaluating cleaning services in Sydney will help you determine whether your current solutions need replacing. Or if you

Step 1: Check how clean they leave busy workspaces

When evaluating property services in Sydney, the most important issue to consider is whether the commercial cleaning firm actually leaves the building looking as it should. Emerald City is home to over 77,000 businesses, all of which have unique requirements. When it comes to carpet cleaning and other commercial cleaning services, though, the busiest parts of the office are bathrooms and breakrooms. So, it makes sense to begin your analysis with those spaces.

If the commercial cleaning Sydney contractors have failed to clean all spills or remove the accumulated dirt in those spaces, it does not bode well for the rest of your commercial property. When testing the bathroom, for example, looking under the seats and checking the smells can be equally telling how much attention has been paid.

Step 2: Check for dust

A quality cleaning services Sydney contractor won’t only remove obvious stains, clear the bins and provide carpet cleaning services. They should also be expected to implement an efficient dusting strategy. Without it, the likelihood of allergies and respiratory issues for your employees or visitors will be greatly increased. Running your finger along windowsills, shelves, desks, and other surfaces will quickly highlight whether this part of the process has been completed.

The very occasional bit of dust might get overlooked by a cleaning company but significant volumes of dust confirm that your property services Sydney agency are failing to deliver the comprehensive treatment you deserve. While you could dust the commercial property yourself, it’s a disruption that you’d rather avoid 

Step 3: Monitor their punctuality

It’s one thing to acquire the help of a commercial or industrial cleaning company that will keep workspaces looking good. However, you also need reliable office cleaning and carpet cleaning services that will not cause disruption to your daily business operations. One of the main incentives for using a professional cleaner is that it allows your workforce to continue their daily assignments. If your cleaners are unreliable in relation to visiting your venue at the scheduled times, it should ring the alarm bells.

You can probably accept the fact that traffic may cause lateness once in a blue moon. Regular lateness, however, must not be ignored. If you think that your cleaning services in Sydney contractors are letting you down, start to keep a diary and respond to inadequate responses. Otherwise, your employees will suffer.

Step 4: Consider their impact on the environment

In many ways, commercial cleaning Sydney experts are an extension of the business. Therefore, it’s vital that they operate in a way that aligns with your approach to business operations. Nearly 90% of Australians have reduced their environmental impact in some way, and your business has probably done this too. Partnering with a clearing company that does not harm the environment can paint your business in a brighter light by association. This may impact both employee and client opinions.

Local property services Sydney firms should be preferred as reduced travel reduces the carbon footprint. It is also necessary to consider the cleaning materials that they use. Eco-friendly options free from harsh chemicals will make a telling impact. Perhaps most importantly, they should dispose of garbage in a responsible manner 

Step 5: Analyse the pricing model

Any good cleaning company will satisfy the desired standards. However, it’s equally vital to remember that every business decision should be financially motivated. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested that you can pay around $3 per square metre for standard office cleaning and $6 per square metre for deluxe cleaning. This is a good guideline, but you must not forget that cheap doesn’t always equate to value. Ultimately, you want to find a service that provides a winning service at an affordable price.

When looking at the pricing model, you must ensure that the company’s services reflect your actual requirements. Whether it’s a bespoke service or a multi-tiered package isn’t overly important. Either way, though, you won’t want to pay for redundant services or items that go beyond your standard office and carpet cleaning needs. Value for money is a must.

Find a new commercial cleaning Sydney today

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