Choosing a green cleaning company is a great option for lots of reasons. 

It’s better for the health and comfort of your staff 

One of the most immediate benefits businesses notice when they switch to a green cleaning company is the positive impact on their employees. Exposure to some traditional cleaning chemicals can have adverse effects for some people. For example, those who experience skin irritation, allergies, and asthma may notice these conditions worsen. Harsh chemicals can also leave behind an unpleasant smell and even cause headaches.   

 It’s better for the environment 

Chemical cleaning products are often flushed down the toilet or otherwise released into our waterways. These practices have a terrible impact on wildlife and the environment. Additionally, a cleaning company that overuses single use plastics means more packaging waste ends up in landfill. A cleaning company that minimises chemical and packaging waste wherever possible is one of the best ways to reduce the ecological footprint of your business.  

 It’s better for the people using the products 

AQWA are really committed to the health and happiness of our employees. That also means we are committed to protecting them at work and minimising their exposure level to any harmful and unhealthy chemicals. We think a team of healthier and happier cleaners is good news for your business, too. 

It doesn’t cost your business any extra money! 

On top of all these benefits, going green can actually be good for your business’s bottom line. A professional cleaning company that is dedicated to minimising waste where possible means you are paying for less waste. On top of that, a cleaning company that works to tailor a plan to suit your unique business means you are focusing your cleaning and maintenance efforts where they are needed most. That keeps your property in tip-top shape, minimises your ecological footprint, AND stays within budget all at once. 

AQWA is proudly a green and eco-friendly company. What does that mean to us? 

On top of doing our bit to minimise waste and harmful practices that contribute to environmental degradation and climate change, AQWA Services is a proud member of the Lennox Institute’s greenRclean™ initiative. That means we are recognised by the industry for our commitment to protecting our staff, our customers, the community, and the environment. 

AQWA is an Australian-owned company that has been providing commercial, office and industrial cleaning to the Greater Sydney area for more than 20 years. We work with you to identify your unique needs and provide exceptional, professional, and tailored services at an affordable price. With industry leading certifications, a 100% guarantee, and a commitment to a green and eco-friendly service, we offer the perfect solution for all your commercial and industrial cleaning needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you keep your business or commercial property sparkling clean and well-maintained year round.